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Hello everyone!
6p asuna x kirito
tsukinokrystal wrote in potconline
My pirate name is Espresso, currently Level 8 :)
Feel free to poke me when I'm online.
If anyone's interested in questing with me, let me know!

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I didn't think anyone played this game but me.

Angel Daggerbane Lvl. 28.

I'm not on much though. I've basically just been trying forever to get my Voodoo Staff.

Sweet! I'll add you next time I'm on. :)
I'm doing a bunch of quests at once and it's tough when you suck at sailing and battling other ships like I do.

well i got a nice big Galleon and my sailing level is at 14. makes things a bit easier. if you need to sink a bunch of ships and I happen to be on i'll be happy to provide use of my boat. I need the EXP. and the money so i can get a war galleon at lvl 15.

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